Introduction to website hosting services

Website hosting
The Web is a tool for publication of information for large population. It's a system of interlinked documents that runs over the Internet.

For what it is used:
the server is used for presenting as static pages (HTML) any kind of written document, image, sound, video or animation. The dynamic pages use databases which allow publishing data in a redundant form, to carry out automatic sorting and research…

How does it work:
- the designer of the page builds it from specific components (HTML) and creates a website
- the website is placed ("hosted") on the server
- there's also the administrator responsible for the server functioning
- a client uses a navigator or browser to connect to the server and access the website

Choosing a hosting service:
Don't hesitate to take time to choose your hosting service: Our hosting services
When we speak of hosting in the Internet, it's usually a lease of some space on the server from a Web host (e.g. OVH). The lease is called website hosting. You have your private space on the server but the resources are shared with other users.

How to choose a website hosting service?
Hosting services available in OVH are packed offers. Please choose closely the offer which contains all the options necessary for you.
Principal criteria for the choice of hosting:
- disk space for your website
- ftp space
- Real space for audio/video streaming
- number of databases
- number of email accounts
- access via telnet/ssh

Short glossary for the beginners:
  • Subdomain : a subdomain is a domain within your domain name. For example Every subdomain should point to a different directory.
  • Base MySQL : a database is literally "a base containing many data". If you don't understand what it is, don't take any because they will be useless for you. A database (or DB) of MySQL type functions well with PHP.
  • Anonymous FTP : an anonymous ftp server is composed of computer disks which are used to import files via FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol). The access to the server doesn't require having there an account as the files are taken from an anonymous account. For the Plan hosting services (except mediaplan and xxlplan), it's a space dedicated to downloading files. It prevents the webspace from answering long requests which are downloads. You may activate it in the manager, then you'll receive an email with access codes as well as the procedure for downloading files.
  • Real : you have audio/video a Real space which will enable you to divide file in streaming. You activate it via the manager, you will receive the access codes and the instructions by e-mail as soon as the account is open.
  • Multidomain :: the Multidomain allows you to [point several domains on one website hosting service.
  • Multi FTP : thanks to MultiFTP, you may have several independent accesses to your ftp space.
  • Statistics : this service is available for all our services. You will obtain a list of statistics and, while clicking on those, you will be able to study information relating to the use of your Internet site. The statistics are generated everyday.
  • Backup : the backup is a complete copy of all files and directories with their absolute paths.