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How do I use telnet/ssh ?

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Launch your telnet/ssh connection towards your domain:
- telnet your-domain
- ssh your-domain^

What is Telnet ?

The Telnet session permits a user to communicate with databases, service information, management systems, etc. all available on foreign computers. With the help of Telnet, a user can hook their computer up to another computer to send and receive programs.

Windows Systems: There are several programs available for SSH databases. One of the most popular ones that is very easy to use is called "Putty".


Description : Putty is a free implementation for Telnet and SSH for Win32 platforms, and also the xterm terminal emulator.

Guide: UsingPutty

What is ssh ?

A secure shell (SSH) is a program that encrypts data that you send and receive to a distant system. The program client for SSH is free for public and university usage. It is available in different "version" and is also as easy to use as telnet.

Under linux:
openssh (free)

Description: Openssh is a FREE version following the SSH protocol of tools for network connectivity that many people on the internet have become fond of. Many users of telnet, rlogin, and several other ftp programs do not realize that their password is transmitted uncoded across the internet.OpenSSH contains a myriad of blockers as well as a variety of authentication methods.

$ ssh votre_login@votre_domaine.tld
Password :

Attention !!
It is not permitted to execute scripts or programs on backgrounds.
For example: irc bots, log analysrs, etc.