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Ovhm Ftp - Access to FTP

FTP protocol

FTP means File Transfer Protocol. 1971 is the implementation date of the FTP, date in which a mechanism of files transfer (described in the RFC 141) between the machines of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) had been worked out. Several RFC then brought improvements to the basic protocol, but the biggest innovations date in July 1973. FTP is currently defined by the RFC 959.

In practice and to simplify, we can compare it with the HTTP, with the difference that the FTP only displays files and directories. During a connection to a FTP, you will only see a list of files hosted on the server to whom you connect, as if you opened a file explorer. The purpose of this service, it is to facilitate you the search for files, because you will not have to click on several links to reach them. Files are accessible in raw directly from the server.

What is a FTP service used for?

The implementation of a FTP service is interesting when we have a lot of data and/or information to send. For example, a business, which would need to give certain information (texts, photos, videos, sounds, etc…) only for the attention of its employees, could implement a personalised FTP service. Each user would access to his/her own FTP account with a login and a password.

Preparation of FTP

To set up a FTP service under Windows, you have to be aware that much more or less successful software exists on the market. We have decided to use FileZilla software as it is easy to use but also because it is free.

Description: Filezilla is a fast FTP customer with an easy to use software. Site manager, drag and drop and line of transfer help you to control your tasks. FileZilla can connect almost all FTP servers.

Display of FTP codes on the server

1. Click on ‘Domains list by OVHM’

2. Click on the link corresponding to the domain.

Your FTP codes are:
Login: xxxxx
Password: the one you entered when creating your account

Modify FTP password

Guide: OvhmModifyDomain

Description: Filezilla is a fast FTP Program with an easy to use. Administrate your site, with drag and drop. FileZilla? can connect to all the servers.