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How to install modules in Manager?

For the website hosting services in OVH (except 20gp, 1000gp and Start 1M), you may install one or more modules offered, such as blog, forum or e-commerce.The installation is integrated in your administrative panel.


1. Log into your Manager.

2. Choose your domain form the menu on the left.

3. Click the icon Website hosting, then Manage the modules , Add . Choose a module you'd like to install.

Available modules:

The example shows installation of OSCOMMERCE:

You just need to choose a path. The email with information will be sent to you.

Password change

To change the administrator's password:

1. Log in to Manager
2. Choose a domain that has a module installed on it.
3. Then Website hosting, Manage the modules, Password
4. A page will be displayed where you just choose your module and confirm the password.

New password will be sent to the email address assigned to Nichandle.